Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two of the Smartest People I Know Won World Water Day Challenge!

The winner of's competition, Visualizing Urban Water Challenge, is Joseph Bergen and Nickie Huang of GSD at Harvard. Congrats, they won $5,000!

I'm sure you'll agree with the judges, who praised their work for being unique, easily accessible, and interactive. So basically, you can roll over countries here:
Then you find out things about water, like this:
The smaller story here is the love and support offered by Verdantic throughout the project. Behind Team Bergen & Huang, Verdantic helped out with some key pointers. Some comments went unheeded, like, notice how that cow looks really small and sad compared to the goat? Fortunately, the genius of their project easily overcame the petty details of Verdantic.

Congratulations to Joseph and Nickie, and the 2 runner-ups that got $500!